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Diary 2.0

Battling mediocrity every day


Matt Fisher, mediocre triathlete

My name is Matt and I'm an amateur triathlete - possibly just like you! Since starting my triathlon journey in late 2009, I've become a complete convert (read: addict!) to the sport. I'm also a husband, father & full-time worker, so fitting it all in is by no means easy!


Since 2010, I have represented Great Britain as part of the amateur Age Group teams at ITU & ETU championships in Ireland, China, New Zealand & the United Kingdom.  I've qualified for the ETU middle-distance championships and twice for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.  In 2016 I had a disaster when I was knocked off my bike in the warm-up race for my 70.3 championship qualification attempt.  No permanent damage, but enough to stop the season dead in its tracks. 


Lately, I am trying to refind my love for the sport.  It seems a lot of age-groupers these days aren't really (or, at least, don't train like they are) amateurs at all.  It seems many are really full-time athletes in disguise.  That's not a path I want - or can afford - to follow.  So for me, it's back to enjoying it first, and worrying about qualifying for this or that second. 


This site is my second attempt.  You can still find old blogs, gear reviews and advice articles on the original:


On this new site, you'll see regular updates on my blog; gear reviews aimed at triathletes of all abilities as well as advice for newcomers to the sport.








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