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Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

If, like me, you can’t function let alone face the idea of training in the morning without a hit of caffeine, Point Blank thinks it has the answer. It is marketing its single-serving cold brew coffee as “a natural alternative to energy drinks”.

Point Blank cold brew cofeeEach 330ml carton contains 214.5mg of caffeine (65mg per 100ml) which should be an adequate dose for most of us (research seems to recommend 2-5mg of caffeine per kg of bodyweight is a good dose).

Taste-wise, it’s pretty good. A little bitter for me, but then I’m a pansy that still takes a half-teaspoon of sugar in my regular coffee. But certainly more than drinkable, especially when nice and cold straight from the fridge.

There’s no doubt that the caffeine in Point Blank could be argued to give an ‘energy boost’, but given that the drink also promotes the fact that it has no sugars in it (the label on the carton says the drink contains 1g of carbohydrates per 100ml, so 3.3g in total), I do struggle slightly with it being marketed as a kind of ‘energy drink’.

For me, I’d prefer that it did have some carbs in it. But that is personal preference, I guess some will prefer that the coffee is (almost) carb-free.

In use, the only downside I felt was a dry mouth when doing a hard session on the treadmill shortly after consuming a half-carton of Point Blank. Easily remedied with a swig of water, but not something I usually get, so can only put it down to the coffee.

Otherwise, I think it’s just a pretty tasty cold brew coffee drink which equally could be used as a caffeine hit before training or could even just be enjoyed as…. Well, coffee!

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