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Updated: May 9, 2018

Runderwear takes advantage of new seamless knit technologies (you might have already seen this on some trainers and other sports apparel) to create sports underwear that claims to offer a chafe-free, fast-wicking alternative to wearing normal undies when training.

For men, they offer boxer and brief styles. For VPL-conscious ladies, there’s a also g-string and crop top (despite rumours, I didn’t test the latter two…).

RunderwearThe garments themselves look pretty much like regular items, with the obvious omission of the usual seams. Stretching the fabric, you can see how the knitting is done and they feel very soft to the touch. Having previously run in Skins compression shorts, one thing I did appreciate about the Runderwear was the inclusion of a ‘little more room up front’, if you get my meaning!

I’m not a big fan of briefs normally, preferring boxers, but for me the briefs make more sense for running as they allow the legs to move freely without causing the underwear material to bunch up around the groin (to be fair, the boxers do try to avoid this with a silicon gripper around the leg, but I didn’t feel they worked quite as well).

The weather was still pretty chilly when the Runderwear arrived for testing, so I was able to get a few runs in wearing the garments under running tights. And the good news is that they work well. I can happily report I suffered no chafing and the Runderwear did indeed keep me a little warmer than usual. Finishing a run, they didn’t feel wet until stripping off for the shower – a good indication that the fast-wicking claim is accurate.

Now, in warmer weather I don’t tend to wear underwear under running shorts. But for the purposes of testing, I have to say the Runderwear worked fine, not interfering with the shorts’ lining or causing any discomfort. I’m not sure you really need to wear them, but if you’re a bit self-conscious about running commando then they’re a good option.

In the gym, I found that the boxers worked well under board shorts and again they were comfortable, pong-free and felt dry. The Runderwear has stood up well to repeated washes and looks like a solid investment that will last a good while.

If you specifically want compression shorts, these aren’t for you. While the knit ensures a nice close fit, they’re not designed to squeeze. But if you want a little extra warmth and protection when running (or like me, you’re tired of having to apply chamois cream when running in compression shorts or tights) in colder weather, the Runderwear works really well.

The men's briefs cost £18 and can be purchased online here:

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